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Abc Referrals prides itself on " making the
connections that fit " for you. So if we have not listed a product or service that you require let us know and we will look into it. For any other questions or comments we look forward to hearing from you.


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Abc Referrals was created to give all consumers the oppourtunity to access a host of products and services through a excellent network of combined associates. This network provides you with well established and repuatable business connections with years of experience. We believe only the best people are offered here because we personally know them.

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T.Patterson @ Abc Referrals Phone: (905) 510-3658

D.Conley @ Abc Referrals Phone: (289) 337-1853

If by chance you know us and you probably do and you have a connection we can use please by all means get a hold of us. We are updating our connections weekly and would love to add you to the growing list of experts.